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Jason Raps Bio Pic

Hailing from the City of Philadelphia, Jason Raps is poised to make his music dreams come true. His passion for the art, the fans, and the experiences are what kept his vision alive; which started over 15 years ago.

Inspired by early 2000's hip-hop, Jason Raps chose to rap because the genre was fun. Thought provoking lyrics, catchy and complex beats, and delivery intrigued him. It didn't take long for him to create music himself. His skills developed from cheesy to keen, from fun to passion, and from a dream to a reality.

From 2011 to 2013, he took a shot at glory. Writing, recording, and building a music label was part of his daily routine. Unfortunately, due to extraordinary circumstances, things never took off; Those situations are expressed in his music.

Jason Raps is back to complete unfinished business. He shares his stories of adversity, relentlessness, and success, to provide a unique yet relatable experience for all types of fans to enjoy.

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